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  1. Allow third party apps to plug into the Xero interface

    If the Xero interface could be configured to display data from and interact with the apps third party developers are creating similar to the way Facebook applications work inside their platform

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    It is certainly a nice idea in a lot of ways, and Jesse’s use case example is good one.

    On the other side, allowing 3rd party applications plug into the core Xero application present some quite major security implications. The data we hold on behalf of our customers is considered highly sensitive by us and we ensure we have bank level security across all aspects of our application.

    Second to that, we are a design lead and focused company – we want our software to be really easy to use and remain simple and intuitive, so allowing 3rd parties to introduce interface elements into Xero would be something we would need to carefully plan for.

    With this in mind, it would be quite an onerous task for us to implement a secure framework that would allow 3rd party applications to interface within Xero, in a sensible way that does not…

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